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My objective was to stop cyclists disappearing into the dark right in front of vehicles.

As a motorist but also as a keen cyclist, I knew the perils and shortfalls of driving AND riding. I wanted to create a light that stopped me from being invisible when my other lights weren’t facing the motorist and therefore relying on the motorist to notice me. I needed to shout “I’M HERE” from my bike without making me look like a Christmas tree.

I wanted something that wasn’t going to interfere with my wheels but have a bold enough message to get me noticed. It doesn’t go in your spokes or make your tyres glow up. It small, cool, innovative and safe.

It’s a colour recognised the world over as a warning colour and won’t be mistaken as any other vehicle as it flashes like all other bike lights.

Almost all the people I showed the light to told me that there was a big need for it, but it had to be cool and neat. Ease of use and security was also an objective so with some engineering knowledge and lots of prototypes, I’ve produced a light that hopefully ticks all the boxes. Working with your other lights and a good helmet, there isn’t a better time to become safer and more visible.

These are the first two models and different colours. Once this is up and running, I’ll get the new models released too.