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Bright, Amber and Sideways. Side lights and helmet lights for cyclists.

Brightside is the new concept in cycle light safety. Bright, amber and sideways helping to prevent you from – Now you see me, Now you don’t.

Buy Now£29.99  – Clipped directly to your bike helmet you can stay visible from all angles.

Staying visible on your bike is generally top of the safety list.

At less than 70 grams, it’s hardly noticeable when fitted and being high up on your bike helmet it is easily seen. Topside is aimed at the commuter market with its wide be seen fish eye lens and bright Cree LEDs (50 lumens front and 20 rear) it has great visibility.

Buy Now£29.99 – Clipped to your frame on the handlebar stem or on the front of your lower downtube you can stay visible from all angles.

The new Brightside light is a compact and powerful bike light providing an amber light from both sides of your bike.

Crossing junctions or roundabouts you’ll still have a light shining at the motorists to draw their attention.


  • USB charger included
  • Water resistant
  • Tool free mounting
  • 30 Lumens and magnified lens
  • Bright Cree LED – 500m visibility
  • Up to 20 hrs run time with Li-Ion battery
  • Patent pending
  • Four flash and constant modes
  • Weighs just 68 grams


  • 100 degree beam
  • Bright Cree LED visible from 500 metres+
  • Simple and safe mounting clip
  • IP65 Water resistant
  • Tool free mounting
  • USB Rechargable (charger included)
  • Runtime up to 20 hours
  • Length 7.6cm
  • Weighs less than 100 grams

Staying visible at all times is imperative.

When your other lights aren’t facing the driver, you’ll still be attracting their attention

Be obvious

Brightside has been designed to be really easy to live with and use. Charging and mounting and safety have all been carefully worked out.

Feel Safer

Disappearing in front of motorists shouldn’t be and option. Be seen from all angles

Brightside Bike Lights have created an innovative light that focusses solely on protecting the SIDE of a cyclist. This double ended light shines an amber flashing light from both sides of the bike helping to protect cyclists from side impacts.

Mounted to the frame of the bike, the light produces a number of different flashing or constant lights to warn motorists of the cyclist’s position, just as the front and rear lights currently do. With over 70% of accidents happening at junctions and roundabouts, the light completes the all-round visibility that we all need as road users. This currently overlooked aspect will keep cyclists much more visible when their other lights aren’t facing the motorist.

As a car driver and as a keen cyclist, Aidan Gribbin has created Brightside to stop the “now you see me, now you don’t” problem that most cyclists face. A change in the law in 2007 has allowed bike lights to flash and the Brightside light has a signature flash associated with most cycle lights and is therefore not confused with any other vehicle or street lighting. The beam produced from the light limits it to shining sideways and with a clever ‘hood’ over each lens which prevents the rider from being blinded.