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Lights at a driver’s eye level are so much easier to see.


Having a light that isn’t at knee level gives you a better chance of being seen in traffic. The wide beam gives sufficient light to see by but not to blind with. Topside lights keep you visible in traffic and let you see where you’re going too!

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Brightside amber side lights fill the gap between the front and back lights.


Traditionally bike lights shine forwards and backwards but there is a pretty big gap along the sides. With traffic coming from every direction staying visible from all angles  is a must. Most accidents happen at junctions so stay seen where it’s most important.

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  • Water resistant IP 65
  • Up 18 hrs run time
  • Day and night modes
  • Weighs just 68 grams
  • Wide angle bright beam
  • Tool free mounting
  • 60 Lumens and magnified lens
  • Bright Cree LED – 500m visibility
  • Four flash and constant modes


  • 100 degree beam
  • Bright Cree LED visible from 500 metres+
  • Simple and safe mounting clips
  • IP65 Water resistant
  • Tool free mounting
  • USB Rechargable (charger included)
  • Runtime up to 20 hours
  • Length 7.6cm weighs 68 grams
  • Fits most crash helmets

Staying visible at all times is imperative.

When your other lights aren’t facing the driver, you’ll still be attracting their attention

Be obvious

Brightside has been designed to be really easy to live with and use. Charging and mounting and safety have all been carefully worked out.

Feel Safer

Disappearing in front of motorists shouldn’t be and option. Be seen from all angles

Brightside Bike Lights have created an innovative light that focuses solely on protecting the SIDE of a cyclist. This double ended light shines an amber flashing light from both sides of the bike helping to protect cyclists from side impacts.

Mounted to the frame of the bike, the light produces a number of different flashing or constant lights to warn motorists of the cyclist’s position, just as the front and rear lights currently do. With over 70% of accidents happening at junctions and roundabouts, the light completes the all-round visibility that we all need as road users. This currently overlooked aspect will keep cyclists much more visible when their other lights aren’t facing the motorist.

The Topside light is s dual front and rear light combined. The bright light produces a wide angle beam for maximum visibility and vision but isn’t blinding. As with Brightside, the lights are waterproof and rechargeable. A full battery will give up to 18 hours burn time and it comes with two clips allowing fitment to almost any crash helmet.