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Be Bright and Be Seen On Your Bike

At Brightside Bike Lights we have created two innovative lights that focuses solely on protecting you by making you more visible to everyone around you. A bright light that will attach to any helmet so you can be seen from the front or back and a innovative double ended light shines an amber flashing light from both sides of the bike helping to protect cyclists from side impacts.


Lights at a driver’s eye level are so much easier to see


Dual front and rear cycling helmet light.

The Topside helmet light is easily and securely fitted to most helmets.

Rechargeable, water resistant and with an 18 hour battery life, Topside is must for commuter cyclists. At eye level to drivers, the fish eye lens gives a wide but not blinding beam and is very visible from both the front and back.

Weighing just 68 grams or the same as seven £1 coins i’s hardly noticeable when fitted and with the added benefit of being pointed where you look.

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BrightSide Bike Side Light


The new Brightside bike light is a compact and powerful bike light providing an amber light from both sides of your bike.

Clipped to your frame on the handlebar stem or on the front of your lower downtube you can stay visible from all angles.

Crossing junctions or roundabouts you’ll still have a light shining at the motorists to draw their attention.

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Great bike Light for added safety

My main comment is a very good Bike Light.

For the price I was very undecided before I just brought it but in the end it turned out good.

My first ride out it started raining half way round so it got wet for 40 mins and still works.
There is also a reassuring orange flash in your vision and I felt a lot safer.

Great light to give side visibility, easy to install, easy to charge, I would have liked it a little cheaper but then the market isnt flooded with these sorts of lights so I had no option. At the end of the day its the price your willing to pay for safety

Amazon Customer - BrightSide

Ideal for extra visibility

Not had for very long but so far I am very pleased with this product.

It does exactly what I want it to do i.e. increase my visibility at night and is easy to install on the helmet and removes easily for charging. The red rear light is a bonus and I no longer have to rely on the one built into my helmet which was a pain when the battery ran out not to mention not knowing when it had.

The only caveat I would add is that this does not suffice as a main front light down dark country lanes but as an extra safety feature it is perfect and is ideal for reading any instrumentation you may have on your handlebars.

Would definitely recommend

T A Moody - TopSide

Great product and very easy and light to mount

Great product and very easy and light to mount. Good customer service from seller. Much better than ones at half the price. Pay for the quality.

S.R.Atkins - TopSide