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Topside Helmet Light



Dual front and rear cycling helmet light.

The Topside helmet light is easily and securely fitted to most helmets.
Rechargeable, water resistant and with an 18 hour battery life, Topside is must for commuter cyclists. At eye level to drivers, the fish eye lens gives a wide but not blinding beam and is very visible from both the front and back.
Weighing just 68 grams or the same as seven £1 coins i’s hardly noticeable when fitted and with the added benefit of being pointed where you look.


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Having a light high up and at a driver’s eye level is a great way of staying visible in traffic. The huge 43 hour run time (alternating mode) will also help you from having to charge your light every other night.

Weighing than 70 grams or the same as seven £1 coins, it’s hardly noticeable when fitted. Topside is aimed at the commuter market with its wide fish eye lens and bright Cree LEDs, it is very visible. With micro USB charging, you can top up the charge when at home or work. Paired with the Brightside, side facing light there is no reason not to be seen from all angles.


Armed with the latest Cree LED and battery technology, our new light gives great lumen output and battery life. The bespoke magnified fish eye lens gives a wide beam and is visible from 500m. It’s easily removable for charging and safety. Cool, bright and innovative, Brightside – be bright, be seen.



  • Up to 43 hrs run time with Li-Ion battery
  • Water resistant IP65
  • Tool free mounting and fits most helmets
  • 100 Lumen LED and a magnified lens
  • Bright Cree LED – over 500m visibility
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Various flash and constant modes
  • Weighs just 68 grams



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2 reviews for Topside Helmet Light

  1. Aidan

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Very well-built light
    1 April 2017
    Verified Purchase
    Thoroughly pleased with this product. Very bright, multiple settings, quick recharge, easy to fit & remove (plus spare fixing because, although this one seems well-made, its always the fixing that breaks). Perfect for catching the eye of drivers that didn’t see your handlebar lights or high-viz jacket, because you can literally point it at their face. Only slight gripe is that it doesn’t remember the last-used setting, though after a few weeks of commuting my hands do the setting without me even thinking, so can’t grumble too much really.

  2. Aidan

    5.0 out of 5 starsSuperb!
    20 December 2017
    Verified Purchase
    I didn’t know what to expect from this light, but I soon found out. On arrival, I put it on charge whilst I fixed the base unit to my crash helmet, this took about a minute and in that time the light unit was fully charged. I then went outside to check the position of the light, which to me didn’t seem that bright, until I noticed all the registration plates of the cars parked in the dark courtyard were lit up, I covered the light up and the plates disappeared. At 06:00hrs this morning I set off on a training ride and the Topside light lit my way, even on the darkest unlit road, perfectly. I was so impressed! I even used it as a weapon. When the idiot car driver drove toward me with his main beam on, I just pointed the torch straight at him and he quickly turned his lights down.

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