Crash helmet light Topside now available.

After the launch of our amber side light we have released the second of our lights, Topside.

The dual front and rear light puts out a combined 60 lumens which, with the magnified fish eye lens really packs a punch and makes for an excellent every day light.

The rechargeable 650MaH battery lasts up to 18 hours and the lights are fully waterproof. Designed only to withstand heavy showers, the lights can cope with a good dousing and still run when drenched. The robust construction can take a heavy spill and the shroud around the lens prevents it from being smashed on impact.

They come with various clips and mounting options to allow the lights to be fitted to most helmets. The lights can also be fitted to your handlebars either to light up the rider as well as the road, or on the off side lighting the extremities of the bike and rider.

Being at eye level the lights are more easily seen than a frame mounted light so ideal for use in traffic.

We encourage riders to use lights at all times of the day or night. Even the safest cars have their lights on all day!

Ride Safe. Ride Seen.



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