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Frequently Asked Bike Light Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Brightside Bike Lights and our products.  If you cannot see an answer to your questions or want further information, please use the contact page to leave us a note.

Where can I buy the Brightside light?

The lights currently can only be purchased online.  Fine the “shop” in the main menu.

Is it rechargeable?

Yes. It has a Lithium battery and is recharged via a USB lead that is included in the package.

Is it water resistant?

Yes. But is not designed to be used under water! We’ve designed it so it can be used in the rain.

How secure is the clip?

The light is very well secured in the nylon clip which has a rubber seat to prevent it from slipping.

How long does the battery last?

Over 10 hrs depending on the mode selected. Full charge from empty is 3hrs.

Is it available in different colours?

It will in time but not just yet.

Do you have any patents?

We have a patent pending on the light and have a Trademark applied for.

At what stage is the production?

We’ve invested a lot of time to identify and work with a high quality light manufacturer BEFORE launching it. We’ve been working with this factory for a year now, perfecting the prototypes and ensuring the light will pass the highest testers standards – YOU !

The tooling has all been completed and the electronics have been tested and finalised. The next stage is to make the Kickstarter community aware of it and move to the last stage and finally get the lights built and delivered.

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